The most personal way to send money


What is ayeOU?

ayeOU is the most personal way to send money. Just write a birthday card, napkin IOU, or a business card, use your smartphone's camera to ‘tag’ money to the note, and your recipient only needs to scan it with their smartphone, just like a barcode, to receive the money. It’s fast, secure, and fun.

How does ayeOU work?

Peekabu’s image recognition technology turns the pictures your smartphone camera sees - the cards, the notes, the doodles - into a secret code and stores them securely in the cloud. This code is the key - when the recipient scans the note on their own smartphone, it generates the same code, and the two are compared on ayeOU’s system. If they match, the money is transferred into the recipient’s account.

What are the advantages of using ayeOU?

Unlike many other peer-to-peer money transfer solutions, ayeOU’s unique mechanic means the sender does not need to know any private banking details about the recipient.  They scan the note using their banking details, and the recipient does so with their own, all kept safe and private. In addition, the transfer can be completed any time the recipient wants, rather than requiring all the details to be exchanged before anything can happen. No IBAN numbers, account numbers, mobile codes, or other details required.

But most importantly, ayeOU makes sending money personal again. When you attach money to a birthday card, it is unique, special, and memorable.

What happens if the recipient doesn’t collect their money?

Money is only taken from the sender’s account if and when the recipient scans the note with their smartphone, and the sender keeps their money otherwise. Recipients have 30 days to scan the note to complete the transfer, and after that, the ‘tag’ is cancelled and the note cannot be scanned to receive the money.

What kinds of notes work best?

Handwritten notes, cards, messages and papers work extremely well, as do flat pictures like photographs, business cards, loyalty cards, and so on.

Small objects, like toys, do not work. Neither do pictures without any significant detail (like a blank sheet of paper, or faces or body parts. The app will guide in you in what works and what does not.

When will ayeOU be available?

We are currently taking signups for beta testing of the app, and applicants will be notified shortly of the testing dates. A full release is expected later this year.