Office Supplies


You know how spring cleaning is - you start in one corner, tidy up just a small thing that's been bugging you, and before you know it you find a dozen other things that need doing, line up a shopping list a mile long, and start moving everything around until you're satisfied. 

Or maybe that's just me.

In any event, we'd been putting off kitting out our new home in CodeBase for some time now, mostly just getting a minimum viable desk configuration together so we could keep working through the move. But this week, finally, we've got the arrangement that we wanted, after a large raid at Ikea.

The two pods allow a good amount of collaboration between the people who most need to collaborate, whilst still being nearby enough to have over resources, with a ChromeCast powering the TV between us for common visual aids. We're planning to get our unit testing visuals up there so we can all be shamed when code does not compile.

New furniture also gives us a good amount of storage for the vast array of cables that we build up, which frees up our shiny creative space with the giant whiteboard. We'll give this new arrangement a bit to settle in to, but we're immensely proud of this new space, and are looking forward to giving it a run for its money. If you're dropping by, we have biscuits.