5 Surprising Passwords for Passage

Using a picture as a password opens up some surprising opportunities for creativity in logging in, and nothing beats our users when it comes to personal, creative things to use. From doodles to children's drawings to playing cards, there are some great examples of how to make Passage unique to each user. Here are five our favourites (and no, we're not going to show you the real thing!):

  1. Loyalty Cards: From cafes to bookstores to hairdressers, we carry loyalty cards with us everywhere, and as they collect stamps, they develop unique visual markers that make them ideal password tokens for the app (and which will still work as new stamps are added). The perfect, pocket-sized picture that just gets more useful when set up with Passage.
  2. Tattoos: As demoed in our video, tattoos make great pictures for Passage: they can't be lost, and are unique to each user. Logging in like this is a great party trick, though we favour easy-to-reach ink, rather than something that requires complex yoga to point your camera at.
  3. Photo Booth Shots: Not just for making ridiculous faces or passport photos, photo booths make an ideal, instant-print, wallet size shot that works as an ideal, unique picture that never seems out of place in a wallet or purse. 
  4. Foreign Banknote: While most bank notes are too common to be considered safe pictures to log in with (much like using "12345" as your password), using foreign currency, especially when you use a very specific corner of that banknote that would be hard to guess. These notes look perfectly normal in your wallet, and work perfectly normally when logging in.
  5. Watches: If you don't want to shell out for an expensive mini-computer to strap to your wrist, you can still get some digital value out of your existing watch by using it as your login picture for Passage. While not every watch will work, most analogue watches with flat faces will make an easy, convenient password that you'll carry with you everywhere.

As always, Passage will only unlock with both your picture AND your specific phone, so even if someone gets a copy of a picture that you use, they still won't be able to log in on any other device. 

We'd love to hear about other things you use to log in to Passage, just resist the temptation to send any pictures of them!