Make any picture, any image, the key to your digital life.





scan away

Passage uses the unique appearance of your images to generate a secure code that can only be matched against that image. More secure than a password of over 100 characters, all in a matter of seconds.





nothing to remember

Use an image you carry around with you, and you'll always have what you need to log in. But if you ever lose the image, don't worry. Replacing it is easier than remembering new passwords!



What happens if I lose my picture?
Happens to the best of us. Just open the app, select ‘forgot password,’ and the app will reset, ask you to confirm the mobile number you used to create your account, and a new PIN will be sent to you to verify your account. From there, you can register a new picture, and all your accounts and passwords will remain intact. The old picture will no longer be able to log in to your app.
Is my data secure?
Absolutely - the data is stored on an encrypted server, which even the Passage team isn’t able to read. Only you, on your authenticated device, can read your information. In addition, all data traffic is encrypted and passed over a secure websocket connection to make sure no one can intercept the information. Making this connect requires a secret key which only your device possesses. It’s not sent over the internet, never leaves your device, and is essential to unlock your information. Finally, no trace of the data will remain on your device once your session is over.
How does Passage use my picture instead of a password?
Passage scans and breaks down your picture into distinct ‘landmarks’ unique to that image. By analysing these landmarks and their position relative to one another, the app creates a unique map of the picture. When a user logs in, the app compares the map of the image they are sending to the one linked to their account. If they match, the user is logged in, all in a matter of seconds.
The app is so precise that even visually similar pictures, like signatures, will produce very different maps. Even if a person cannot tell two different pictures apart, the app can.
What makes a good picture for Passage?
Any flat, easy-to-carry picture works well. Drawings, photos, loyalty cards, business cards, IDs, book covers, and more all have great results. Even tattoos - try it, it’s really cool!
What should I avoid as a picture for Passage?
We recommend avoiding the following: anything with a distorted shape like a curved label, faces or other body parts, very small items, and commonly available images like banknotes. 


more goodies to come

Passage makes logging in make sense on mobile devices, and more exciting features are coming in the next few weeks. To be notified about updates and new features, just send us your email.